Greetings, readers! Please stay tuned, as we’re in the process of responding to the recent news that Amazon is disabling the popular ebook lending feature that has been so popular with our subscribers over the years. We’re currently looking for the best way to continue to share the magic of ebook lending, going forward, so please watch this space!


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Any updates and changes made to Lendle will be shown here. If you experience any unexpected behavior, or any obvious bugs, please do contact us.

19th Dec
More tweaks to caching of timeline items. Also, display the page before loading the timelines.

5th Dec
Made tweaks to caching of timeline itemsto improve efficiency.

1st Sep 2022
Fixed bug on establishing whether a user can borrow books or not.

31st Aug 2022
Search results now show books in the order of relevance to the search term.

4th Jul 2022
Improved the import-by-asin tool to add missing books later.

28th Jun 2022
Added a tool to bulk-add books from Kindle Library data dump (in testing).

15th Jun 2022
Lots more internal changes that should change nothing, but may break some things.

9th Jun 2022
Lots of internal changes that should change nothing, but may break some things.

19th May 2022
Made error message for late verification of email on signup to be more helpful.
Increased expiry time of verification link.

11th Apr 2022
Further internal security fixes that may cause inconsistent behavior with some browser plugins.

8th Apr 2022
Fixed bug for failing book search.

7th Apr 2022
Added verification of emails on registration.
Fixed bug where borrowing status was not being updated when it should be.
Allow all users to mark books as lendable on the book detail page.
Completed borrowing requests can now be permanently hidden to tidy up request lists.

5th Apr 2022
Fixed bug where if a lend request was cancelled, it couldn't be requested again.
Added pagination to book soundbites.

30th March 2022
Fixed issue with FaceBook not liking the new default URL.
Improved scrolling of timelines, with minor layout changes.
Fixed bug around empty profile pics.
Fixed bug where a new comment to a group message looked like it was added by the message author instead of the signed-in user.
Made display of ads more consistent but more tweaking may be done.
Ongoing changes to internal security.

29th March 2022
Changed the displaying of some adverts. More tweaking will be done later.
Changed the endless scrolling of some pages as it was triggering too early.
Removed some social media widgets that were downloading waaaay too much code.
Ongoing changes to internal security.

18th March 2022
Some older timeline data was pruned a few years ago, so we only showed data since 1st Jan 2016. The data prior to this date has now been restored, though if this causes any performance issues, it may well be trimmed again in the future.

11th March 2022
Code has been added to allow Patrons to change the lendable status of books on the book detail page.
Also added a button on the final lending page for "The book is not lendable" as a reason for being unable to complete a lend, which sets the book to non-lendable.
And if a Lendler hits this button, other attempted lends of the same book will show that the book is no longer lendable and show an appropriate message.

7th March 2022
Restricted the number of related genres displayed on book details pages.