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Recently Added Books

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The Book of Dragons: An Antholog... - Jonathan Strahan

The Book of Dragons: An Antholog...Jonathan Strahan

R. F. Kuang, Kate Elliott, Todd McCaffrey, Garth Nix, Peter S. Beagle, and other fantasy and science fiction masters take on the greatest mythical beast.From China to Europe, Africa to North America, dragons have long captured our imaginati... more

The Book of Dragons: An Anthology
Jonathan Strahan
Harper Voyager; Illustrated edition (July 7, 2020) , English
Legacy of Old Earth Far Future S... - James David Victor

Legacy of Old Earth Far Future S...James David Victor

In a world of genetic engineering, fantastic aliens, and faster than light travel, a conspiracy whose origins have been lost in time threatens to tear the galaxy apart.A Science Fiction adventure from Amazon All-Star author James David Vict... more

Legacy of Old Earth Far Future Space Opera Boxed Set
James David Victor
Fairfield Publishing (September 15, 2020) , English
Harbinger: An Alien Invasion Fir... - PA Vasey

Harbinger: An Alien Invasion Fir...PA Vasey

A Smart, Well-constructed Sci-fi First Contact Page-turnerIn 2017, a mysterious interstellar object transited the Solar System bound for deep space. By the time it was noticed, it had already passed Earth. It was soon forgotten, dismissed a... more

Harbinger: An Alien Invasion First Contact Techno Thriller
PA Vasey
unknown , English
The Scarlet Plague - Jack London

The Scarlet PlagueJack London

James Howard Smith, an elderly man, is assisted by a young, untamed youngster as he strolls down long-abandoned, overgrown railway tracks. Sixty years have passed since the great Red Death wiped off humanity, and the few survivors from all... more

The Scarlet Plague
Jack London
Revelation Press (08th November, 2023) (November 8, 2023) , English
Paper Castles (Paper Castles Tri... - Ellie Ember

Paper Castles (Paper Castles Tri...Ellie Ember

A reluctant heir, a fight for the throne, and a conspiracy that will change everything.After the queen is assassinated, Alexandria Redmond is named the heir and must prepare for the fight of her life: the Campaign. She can only ascend if sh... more

Paper Castles (Paper Castles Trilogy Book 1)
Ellie Ember
Juniperus Press , English
Wayward Wings (Dragons of Sinuat... - S Slottje

Wayward Wings (Dragons of Sinuat...S Slottje

“A mighty book set in an amazing world.”—Jarek AdamsDragon Caizhiu the Wayward relishes her life as monster hunter for hire. However, when she emerges from her latest iteration cocoon, her increased size makes it difficult to assume a human... more

Wayward Wings (Dragons of Sinuation)
S Slottje
Flintlock & Fluke Publishing , English
The Househusband's Guide to Domestic Bliss
Lance Lansdale
unknown , English
Electric Soul: A Near-Future Cyberpunk Adventure (The Colour of Blood Book 2)
Elliot Kincaid
unknown , English
The Quickening of S.A.L.I.: An A... - Milton Cantellay

The Quickening of S.A.L.I.: An A...Milton Cantellay

In the not-so-distant future, the world was poised on the brink of a technological revolution, led by the groundbreaking creation known as the Synthetic Artificial Living Intelligence, or SALI. Initially conceived as a tool to assist humani... more

The Quickening of S.A.L.I.: An AI Awakening Thriller
Milton Cantellay
unknown , English
Defiance of the Fall 13: A LitRP... - TheFirstDefier, JF Brink

Defiance of the Fall 13: A LitRP...TheFirstDefier, JF Brink

War has arrived to Zecia. Zac returns from the Perennial Vastness, finding Earth already embroiled in war. The Kan'Tanu Cult is pouring into the sector, determined to make it theirs. The System is fanning the flames with treasures and oppor... more

Defiance of the Fall 13: A LitRPG Adventure
TheFirstDefier, JF Brink
Aethon Books , English
Honor (The Terrarch Book 1) - Charles Heuer

Honor (The Terrarch Book 1)Charles Heuer

An aggressive species disturbs humanity's peace for the first time since they stepped out into the stars. Now the entire galactic community, humanity included, must face the repercussions of the desperate search for the true meaning of "Spe... more

Honor (The Terrarch Book 1)
Charles Heuer
unknown , English
Journey to the End Times - John R. D. Fremont

Journey to the End TimesJohn R. D. Fremont

How do you handle a world that has gone dystopian, as pulled off by the Power Elite under the pretext of fighting an apocryphal “virus”? Our hero finds solace by tapping into Nature, running barefoot at the beach as twilight melts into dawn... more

Journey to the End Times
John R. D. Fremont
Tropic Press , English
Steamed Punks (Bob and Nikki Boo... - Jerry Boyd

Steamed Punks (Bob and Nikki Boo...Jerry Boyd

A truly strange derelict leads the crew to a planet that doesn’t quite make sense. Figuring it out takes time, and hard work. Fixing it takes even more. Come see how BSR deals with their latest adventure.

Steamed Punks (Bob and Nikki Book 48)
Jerry Boyd
unknown , English
Peaceful Planet - F. S. Holdaway

Peaceful PlanetF. S. Holdaway

It was supposed to be a peaceful planet . . . then they decided to threaten his familyFor five long years, Nemos had used his famous sword to try to win the war with the Procrusteans. But he’d been betrayed by his prince and sold to the ene... more

Peaceful Planet
F. S. Holdaway
unknown , English
Alpha: Chaos Awakens - Aleron Kong

Alpha: Chaos AwakensAleron Kong

The Earth barely survived the Third World War.It isn’t ready for the War of the Worlds.A beam of pure Chaos has descended on the Earth connecting it to the Labyrinth Universe.Monsters will spawn, heroes will level and nations will fall.Chao... more

Alpha: Chaos Awakens
Aleron Kong
Tamori Publications, LLC , English
Deep Magic: Volume II: A Specula... - Jeff Wheeler, Anthony Ryan, Ken...

Deep Magic: Volume II: A Specula...Jeff Wheeler, Anthony Ryan, Ken...

The Best of Deep Magic: Anthology Two— fantastical worlds of space adventures, mysterious poisoners and war birds await — stories with depth, strong protagonists, high tension, all told while pulling at your heart strings, or making you smi... more

Deep Magic: Volume II: A Speculative Fiction Collection
Jeff Wheeler, Anthony Ryan, Ken Liu, Michael J Sullivan, Charlie N. Holmberg, Jeanna Mason Stay, Wulf Moon
Oliver Heber Books , English
Science Fiction Stories 1: A col... - Various Authors

Science Fiction Stories 1: A col...Various Authors

Science Fiction Stories 1 is a gripping science fiction anthology that takes readers on a journey through the unknown, exploring dystopian futures, post-apocalyptic worlds, and thrilling adventures in space.Explore the UnknownEmbark on a mi... more

Science Fiction Stories 1: A collection of riveting science fiction tales that will transport you to other worlds, exploring the far reaches of human imagination. (Science Fiction
Various Authors
unknown , English
Hostile Takeover: Book Eleven in... - Franklin Horton

Hostile Takeover: Book Eleven in...Franklin Horton

The eleventh installment in the bestselling series about a former contract assassin navigating the apocalypse with humor, charm, and explosive violence.Deep in the mountains of West Virginia, Conor and his team are sheltering at the Banks C... more

Hostile Takeover: Book Eleven in The Mad Mick Series
Franklin Horton
unknown , English
The Incident: Space Thriller - Joshua T. Calvert

The Incident: Space ThrillerJoshua T. Calvert

On the International Space unthinkable disaster occurs.Was it an accident?ESA astronaut Thomas Ehrmann and NASA astronaut Patricia Michaels escape in a Soyuz capsule. The Russian authorities in Kazakhstan have questions and... more

The Incident: Space Thriller
Joshua T. Calvert
unknown , English
From August To November - Brandon Grubb

From August To NovemberBrandon Grubb

What if we chose our trauma?Is it possible we had a hand in our life’s blueprint?Following the tragic death of his brother, in addition to the impending failure of his marriage, Nathan Jones finds himself back in the same small town in whic... more

From August To November
Brandon Grubb
Brandon Grubb (June 26, 2024) , English
Alpha Colony: The Complete Serie... - John Walker

Alpha Colony: The Complete Serie...John Walker

The End Has ArrivedThe civilization of man has fallen. A mindless alien race has swept across the colonies, consuming structures and people along the way. As humanity stands on the brink of destruction, we have one hope to preserve what’s l... more

Alpha Colony: The Complete Series (John Walker Box Sets)
John Walker
unknown , English