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Recently Added Books

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Expulsion - Angel Gelique

ExpulsionAngel Gelique

Elizabeth thought that she got rid of her unwanted baby.She was wrong…._________________________________________On a stormy Sunday afternoon, twenty-four-year-old Elizabeth Cotton has a bizarre encounter with a stranger dressed in black, wh... more

Angel Gelique
Unholy Horrors , English
Roots of All Evil: A Horror Nove... - Paul Carro

Roots of All Evil: A Horror Nove...Paul Carro

Horror hits the heartland.A cult murder in a farm town instigates a chain of events that would forever change two families. Joe and Roger witness the killing and notify the police. Cops rebuff the teens when they cannot find the victim’s bo... more

Roots of All Evil: A Horror Novel
Paul Carro
unknown , English
SHADYSIDE: A Horror Novel
Nolan Emerson, Jared Drocy
unknown , English
In The Name Of The Devil: An Ext... - Harrison Phillips

In The Name Of The Devil: An Ext...Harrison Phillips

WARNING: This book contains scenes of explicit violence and gore.Maisie had just turned 16. She should have been out with her friends, enjoying every moment of her teenage years. But that was not to be.Jacob and his disciples had other idea... more

In The Name Of The Devil: An Extreme Horror Novel
Harrison Phillips
(September 15, 2021) , English
Madame Gray's Vault of Gore - Drew Nicks, Dr. Chris McAuley, E...

Madame Gray's Vault of GoreDrew Nicks, Dr. Chris McAuley, E...

An absolute must-read for all who enjoy their horror with gallons of blood, lashings of guts, and dollops of severed body parts!Madame Gray has personally selected a plethora of blood-soaked tales of terror and gruesome demise, each one bru... more

Madame Gray's Vault of Gore
Drew Nicks, Dr. Chris McAuley, Eamonn Murphy, Michael Highgrove, Frederick Pangbourne, HellBound Books Publishing, Gerri R. Gray, Carlton Herzog
HellBound Books Publishing LLC (November 11, 2021) , English
Forsaken (The Council of Lords B... - Christy Christensen

Forsaken (The Council of Lords B...Christy Christensen

The sun sets on the Old World, as the blood starts to boil throughout his veins. The monster is now unleashed onto the frontier, released upon humanity. Travel down the dark trail of desire, lust, horror, and blood that now fills the trails... more

Forsaken (The Council of Lords Book 6)
Christy Christensen
unknown , English


A young girl named Heaven struggles to survive on the cold, damp streets of foggy San Francisco with her dying mother who was kicked out of her family's home as a pregnant teenager after a miraculous Immaculate Conception.Now, as a demon-su... more

unknown , English
Dredge of Decay - Ophelia Vang

Dredge of DecayOphelia Vang

What if you stepped in a pile of garbage only to find that it was part of a murder victim that shook the entire city?What would you do if that victim followed you home? Construction worker Gen slaves away to keep afloat, but after stepping... more

Dredge of Decay
Ophelia Vang
unknown , English
Horror's Call - F. Gardner

Horror's CallF. Gardner

Russell works as a security guard at a zoo in Chicago. The zoo is known as Carcosa Zoo, and is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the city. After an unusual day at work, the man becomes suspicious about one of the gorillas at th... more

Horror's Call
F. Gardner
unknown , English
The Penny Deep Witch Ghosts: Ghosts (The Penny-Deep Witch Book 3)
Charlie Stickman
W and S Books , English
Jaguar Prophecies (The Dresden C... - Jeff Wheeler

Jaguar Prophecies (The Dresden C...Jeff Wheeler

The fate of the world is in the hands of two men. One is prophesized to end it. The other must save it in an apocalyptic thriller by Wall Street Journal bestselling author Jeff Wheeler.If the end-of-the-world prophecy is true, a vengeful de... more

Jaguar Prophecies (The Dresden Codex Book 2)
Jeff Wheeler
47North , English
The Witch of Candlemas - Doel Martinez

The Witch of CandlemasDoel Martinez

Agnes, a mystical woman chosen by the divine being, since before birth her destiny was predicted by that being, coming to humanity to fight against the seen and unseen, supernatural beings in which humanity calls them demons. Help non-visib... more

The Witch of Candlemas
Doel Martinez
unknown , English
The Muse - MK Schultz

The MuseMK Schultz

Thirty years of quiet. Clearly, the evil that Khalon and his twin sister Carmon had seen was gone. As Khalon isolates himself in his new job as a trucker, he explores his artistic desire to become a writer. Through practice on a Ouija board... more

The Muse
MK Schultz
(March 10, 2023) , English
Devil's Thumb - N. Olivo

Devil's ThumbN. Olivo

Two brothers crash outside a failing mining town in Alaska, leaving one brother in a coma and the other to explore the strange town with even stranger residents. He has nothing but time and a peculiar blood-borne illness running rampant.

Devil's Thumb
N. Olivo
unknown , English
Live-In Carer - PK Baker

Live-In CarerPK Baker

Not everything returns in the way you hope it would...When Leah accepts a new live-in care job, she hopes it'll be a chance for a fresh start after a heartbreaking split up from her boyfriend. New surroundings, better money, and she gets to... more

Live-In Carer
PK Baker
unknown , English
The Compound - Gwenna McAllis

The CompoundGwenna McAllis

A missing father. A lifetime of secrets. An ancient evil.Twenty-one-year-old Daniel Wester graduated from college two months ago. He has a bachelor's degree in history, a pile of student loan debt, and no job prospects in sight.When his dad... more

The Compound
Gwenna McAllis
Oracle Hawk Press (September 22, 2023) , English
Along About Midnight - Dorian J. Sinnott

Along About MidnightDorian J. Sinnott

Like every small town, Oakridge has its secrets. Legends. When October falls, Peter Harlow and his friends seek to uncover them at the Chapel Hill Cemetery—surrounded by jack-o’-lanterns at midnight. But what starts off as a fun scare for t... more

Along About Midnight
Dorian J. Sinnott
Raven's Hollow Books , English
The Faraway People - Stacey Dighton

The Faraway PeopleStacey Dighton

A cult hellbent on death and destruction. A troubled family with a twisted web of secrets and lies. An ancient forest swarming with ungodly abominations.When Hattie and Richard Penrose take their family on a ‘staycation’ to the Cornish vill... more

The Faraway People
Stacey Dighton
Cranthorpe Millner Publishers , English


For the past fifteen years, a fog has crept across the earth, blanketing every living thing in shadow. Anyone entering the dark curtain is never heard from again.Magnus Aune knows this better than anyone. His family lives on the last sun-to... more

E.L. Giles
Horrorsmith Publishing , English
Candy Dish - Matthew Lutton

Candy DishMatthew Lutton

No summary available

Candy Dish
Matthew Lutton
unknown , English
Twisted Tales of Halloween Horro... - The Sisterhood of the Black Pen

Twisted Tales of Halloween Horro...The Sisterhood of the Black Pen

Bloody Mary isn't real, right? A Halloween prank goes wrong when Rose is pulled into the mirror world.Don't speak the poem, don't listen to it. Don't even think about it, if you do, the monster will come for you. Chaos ensues when a podcast... more

Twisted Tales of Halloween Horror: 11 Spicy and Gory Tales of Halloween Terror
The Sisterhood of the Black Pen
(September 18, 2023) , English