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(New cover, no new content)Can a powerful vampire convince two young wolf shifters that all three of them are meant to be together? At over two hundred years old, Soren despairs that he will ever find anyone to be his flock. Vampires who don’t form soul-deep connections with at least one other will eventually find themselves turning into mindless, blood-thirsty beasts.When two young wolf shifters wander close to his property he knows they are meant to be his. Kalli and Quinn have been on the run from their pack for three years. Although they have survived, they’ve been forced to live a life bare of anything but the absolute essentials. Then they stumble upon the home of a man who seems to need them. Soren Bowen makes both wolves feel empathy for him, despite the fact that he’s a bit mysterious. Even though past experience has taught them not to trust easily, both Kalli and Quinn are drawn to this tall, handsome recluse. It’s not long before secrets start to come out, and Soren’s forced to reveal himself to Kalli and Quinn. He can only hope the fragile feelings the three of them have started to build will be enough to support a lasting relationship.To compound the issue, danger is lurking close by, ready to snatch his wolves away. Can he keep Kalli and Quinn safe and at the same time win their love forever?This novel contains an HEA, no cheating, and can be read as a stand-alone novel. This work of fiction is meant for 18+ readers only. Please use the Amazon “Look Inside” option to view trigger warnings.

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