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"I'd rather be a savage with you...than be civilized on my own."Jameson Briggs grew up in a savage world.A survivor of the pandemic. An orphan at twelve. A brilliant poet, bullied for his words. A cutthroat pirate, ruthlessly hunted.But when a disastrous shipwreck leaves him stranded in a foreign city, Jameson finds himself starting over in a world that is savage in a whole new way. Political maneuvering. Deception. Wealth. Beautiful women.Beautiful, dangerous women.Like Zahara and Petra - daughters of the city's most powerful CEO and heirs to a tech fortune. As Jameson grows closer to their family, his world spirals and he is drawn into a tangled web of lies and corruption. Jameson must decide: will he rise above it?Or will he become a savage?An ExcerptShe reached between them and felt for him through his pants. He bucked away from her as she flattened her palm against him.“What are you doing?” he choked.She said nothing. Just held his gaze as she dragged her palm all the way from the base of his balls to the tip of his shaft. Her eyes flared as she understood the shape and size of him. He shuddered and his hips bowed toward her, out of his control.“Stop,” he said.“I can’t,” she replied archly, her eyes narrowing.He was harder than he could ever remember being. It wouldn’t take much for her to send him over the edge. A couple more strokes like that—Fuck.She did it again and he grit his teeth and tried to breathe.“If you do that…” he said. “I can’t—”She reached between them with both hands now and flipped his button open, yanked his zipper down, and reached inside.“What are you…” The last word twisted into a groan as her hand closed around him and she pulled him free. He watched her look down between them, watched her mouth fall open as she took him in, and was seized by the need to press his lips to hers. He had to feel her. Had to get his tongue between those lips.She pulled away as he bent to kiss her and he growled.“Zahara…”“Mmm…” She flicked her eyes up to his and held them as she squeezed him. “I like the way you say that.”“Zahara…” He croaked it this time, could barely get the word out.“It sounds like poetry when you say it,” she purred, and she stroked him.He moaned, closing his eyes, letting his forehead drop into the crook of her shoulder. He had never been so powerless—never been so completely under anyone’s control. He had had her. Had her pinned and at his mercy, and it was like she had flipped over the table and trapped him underneath it. He couldn’t move. He couldn’t breathe. He couldn’t see. And he couldn’t stop.From the AuthorThis is a is a spicy, enemies-to-lovers, forbidden-love romance between a morally-gray pirate and rich man's daughter. In it, you'll find the following tropes:- Touch her and die- Villain gets the girl- Fish-out-of-water- Found family- Badass women- Morally grey men- Love triangle- Pirates- Dystopian world- Plot twists- Fast-paced, high-stakes adventure- More snarky banter than you ever thought possible.This is a standalone origin story for the villain in the Thalassic Series. You DO NOT need to read the other books before you read it! In fact, this makes a nice entry point to the series.