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“10/10!!!” ★★★★★Fury’s back in this action-packed sequel to Demons Also Dream. Introducing Demons Never Lose, where dreams of thrilling treasure hunts and supernatural romance magically blend into a dark fantasy for adults that will leave you spellbound. Get ready for an unforgettable summer filled with spicy island adventures, supernatural battles, and romantic escapades.Meet Joscelyn B. Wild, an empath and psychic:series inspired by the psychic visions in her dreams. Her books are famous for taking readers on a journey through Hell unlike any other—it all feels so real. What’s her secret? The demons are real! She simply spies on them and reports what she sees. Sounds easy, right? For Joss, it usually is.But now these visions are interfering with everyday life—while she’s awake. Is Joss hallucinating? Or is a dangerous assassin really loose in the Bahamas? Either way, it’s a great story, but just as she begins writing the new book, an unexpected diagnosis drags her into a private horror of her own. More than ever, real life sucks compared to dreaming of Fury.Fury and Lucifer Go from Enemies to Lovers in this Adult Supernatural Romance.But he’s her boss! He's also Satan. Joss can’t stand watching. It’s hard enough to be in secretly love with her best friend, but when that best friend also works for the Devil, then hooks up with him as part of a sin-cultivating scheme—it all becomes too much. Every time she watches Fury’s dangerous dance with Lucifer, Joss's heart breaks, knowing that her best friend is trapped in a web of deceit and sin. But having to witness their dark forbidden desire absolutely tears Joss apart, and it’s the last straw. The pain of unrequited love becomes too overwhelming while grappling with her own private hell, so Joss has no choice but to walk away.Money Is the Root of All Fury.After her side hustle failed, Fury finds herself feeling the financial pinch. She doesn’t have enough soul money to win the next auction, and neither does Beelzebub. After losing the baddy tracker to Baphoment, they surface with Camio to hunt the ever-elusive ghost of crypto scammer Alura Banks—without Lucifer’s permission. Yes, that’s cheating. No, they don’t care. This time, two teams of demons will compete for the same bounty, leaving a mess in their wake. Who will win?At the same time, Halfpenny’s gang of crypto pirates lures Joss away on a perilous treasure hunt in the Caribbean. While Fury fight against insurmountable greed in the Bahamas, Joss confronts deadly curses, zombie hordes, and haunted mansions in a thrilling adventure that pushes her limits and tests her loyalty. With each step, secrets unravel and danger mounts, raising the stakes higher than ever. In this high-octane journey, both women must navigate treacherous waters, face their deepest fears, and discover what truly matters.Exciting Summer Reads for Women: Hot, New Novels of 2024Occult horror, metaphysical fantasy, and dark paranormal romance intertwine with the thrill of the chase and the complexity of desire. Dive into a story that's part crypto ghost hunt, part pirate adventure, part zombie island—and all demon fun! Mystery. Danger. Passion. Open your Kindle, turn off your brain, relax, and enjoy the perfect summer vacation.“Fury comes into her own in this one.” ★★★★★“A must-read for fans of supernatural thrillers.” ★★★★★“Lock has outdone some mighty authors out there.” ★★★★★You'll fall in love with this salty pirate romantasy.Get swept away by this sapphic summer read written for fans of Lucifer, Supernatural, and Black Sails. Steal your copy of Demons Never Lose from Kindle Unlimited and escape on a spicy island adventure today!

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