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If you enjoy swoon-worthy love stories about fearsome knights and feisty damsels, this collection of four exciting medieval romances belongs in your Kindle library. Got Kindle Unlimited? Read this bundle for free in KU.Savor the thrilling passion and breathless adventure of these books featuring battle-hardened heroes and the strong-willed ladies who test their mettle and win their hearts. From page-turning excitement to startling plot twists to laugh-out-loud moments, this limited-edition bundle by a multi-award-winning romance author is sure to entertain and delight.The collection includes:A Knight's DesireShe’s loyal to the throne. He’s not the man he once was. Can they overcome a brutal betrayal to ride into happily ever after? England, 1192. Lady Rosetta Montgomery is resigned to her arranged marriage. Dutiful to the crown, she agrees to wed a childhood friend though her heart belongs to another. But as she rides to the church, she’s ambushed and kidnapped… by the long-lost man she loves. Lord Ashton Blakeley can’t bear watching his heart’s desire marry an enemy. But recently returned from Crusade horribly disfigured, he fears she’ll be repulsed by his terrible scars. Feeling he has little choice, he holds the devoted woman captive, desperate to convince her that her betrothed is a scheming, murderous scoundrel. As Lady Rosetta struggles to believe the now-brooding nobleman is telling the truth, she can’t hide her old affections for the gallant hero. And worrying he’s running out of time as her intended scours the land intent on retribution, Lord Ashton embarks on a high-risk plan to save them both. Will the tormented couple break free from the chains of treachery and give true love a second chance?One Knight in the ForestWhen Lady Magdalen Suffield finds a letter ordering her best friend’s husband to commit murder, she flees into the woods. Pursued and injured, she collapses into the strong arms of Lord Cynric Woodrow, the local sheriff.As Cyn treats her wound in his forest home, he wonders why she’s running from a man he considers an honorable friend. She refuses to confide in Cyn, but as his fascination with her grows, he must choose between loyalty to her or to his friend.Can Magdalen win his trust and stop the murder, or will the danger destroy far more than the love Cyn and Magdalen seem destined to share?Her Gallant KnightA humiliating childhood incident made Lady Amelia Bainbridge vow to avoid Lord Ryder Stanbury. Yet, years later, Ryder comes to her rescue.Shocked to recognize her ring, he realizes she’s connected somehow to the Templar treasure he and fellow knights brought back to England—riches that not only bring him and Amelia perilous secrets but a second chance at love.A Knight and His RoseWanting a few moments alone to gaze at the stars, Lady Violetta Molineaux sneaks onto the estate of her enemy, Lord Osric Seabrook, to reach an ancient stone circle. There she’s discovered by a bold knight, but convinces him she’s a commoner and hurries away, only to fall into a mysterious underground tunnel on Seabrook lands.Osric can’t forget the beautiful woman he met at the ancient site. Could she be Violetta? He’d met her years ago but not since his return from Crusade. When he finds her trapped and hurt in the tunnel he didn’t even know about, he rescues her and takes her to his castle. He soon confirms her identity but plays along with her ruse of being common-born.Yet, when shocking secrets are unearthed in the tunnel, Violetta must tell Osric who she really is—and they both must acknowledge generations-old truths that will change their lives forever.Get your copy of Forbidden Knights today!

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